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    Trust-based, Systemic, Emotionally Intelligent - with some fun along the way...

    Why Team Coaching?

    Research shows that collective and individual performance is far more dependent on the team environment than was previously recognised. High individual performance by one or more people in a team doesn’t necessarily lead to high performance overall –  the opposite may be the case.


    Google's 'Project Aristotle' aimed to answer the question, "What makes a team effective?". The researchers found 5 key criteria, all of which are regular outcomes of our team coaching:

    1. Psychological Safety - as relational team coaches, we specialise in holding a 'safe space' where real conversations can happen
    2. Dependability - we hold you to account for your own criteria of excellence, challenging when inconsistencies emerge
    3. Structure and Clarity - by noticing and flagging up lack of clarity or coherence, we help you ensure clear roles, plans and goals
    4. Meaning - coaching helps you to own your individual and collective alignment with what really matters to you
    5. Impact - team coaching helps you to clarify and create the difference you want, for yourselves and for the organisation
  • When is Team Coaching useful?

    Scenarios where Team Coaching brings practical value - and how we do it

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    What team coaching can achieve

    what you can develop as a team

    1. Develop a climate of psychological safety where collective learning can happen 
    2. Understand each other - strengths, values, motivators.
    3. Better understand the processes that underlie how the team works, and identify ways to improve these.
    4. Manage conflict constructively.
    5. Understand and engage the value of diversity within the team.
    6. Increase the level of creativity and innovation
    7. Manage its reputation within and outside the organisation.
    8. Improve the effectiveness of communication, both between team members and with external stakeholders
    9. Enhance awareness and commitment to shared purpose
    10. Become more resilient to setbacks and circumstantial drama
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    How we do it

    what we do to support your team effectiveness

    1. Through open dialogue and sharing personal concerns and fears. The behaviours that create psychological safety — such as conversational turn-taking and empathy — are part of the same unwritten rules we often turn to, as individuals, when we need to establish a bond.
    2. Create the relational environment for individuals to be 'seen'.
    3. Help the team question and challenge its own assumptions, often then enabling radically new ways of working to emerge.
    4. Encourage courageous communication, go beneath the surface to find the root of the conflict to a level where understanding and shared values/outcomes can enable resolution.
    5. Help the team to support each other in recognising & creating circumstances where they can play to their strengths.
    6. Enabling each individual to retain their personal authenticity.
    7. Raise awareness of multiple perspectives.
    8. Hold individuals accountable for their commumnication and how it 'lands' within the team dynamic.
    9. Challenge assumptions / lack of clarity - drive accountability.
    10. Support recognition of the wisdom, experience and strategic capability of the team over time.
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  • Team Coaches - Who are We?

    Team Coaching leads, ICF Professional Certified Coaches Ruth & Kaaren together have over 60 years' experience of working with effective teams. We have a further strong team of qualified colleagues in this field.

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    Kaaren Brook MsC, PCC


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    Ruth Paris MA, PCC