• Global Coaching Reach

    Coaching on Call has a trusted network of accredited coaches worldwide

    Global coaching for international organisations

    Coaching on Call's coaching management system has global time-zone functionality and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This, in combination with our wide network of experienced professional executive coaches, means that we fulfil the full spectrum of coaching needs for international organisations, both face to face and virtually.

    • executive and board level
    • leadership and management development
    • teams and specialist groups
    • on-demand tactical, practical coaching for employees at all levels

    Consistency of approach and quality across the world

    One of our specialist skills lies in finding exactly the right coach for our clients, wherever they are. We have a wide and growing network of international coaches who fulfil our stringent quality standards around accreditation, training and experience. The Coaching on Call global community of trusted coaches worldwide now has a global reach.


    The process we follow when finding and matching coaches for international clients is to ensure a good fit both from a professional and also relationship perspective. We always offer a choice of coach so that the coachee is in charge of deciding who s/he will work with, including working in the language they are most comfortable with.

    Cross-cultural coaching

    We have expert coaches who are specialists in coaching in complex global organisations. These special coaches have senior organisational experience and have a deep appreciation of the richness of multicultural contexts and understand how to work effectively with diversity and trans-cultural issues.

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