• Coaching / Mentoring Framework

    ensuring coherence and consistency in all your organisation's coaching activity

    Designing Your Coaching Framework or Coaching & Mentoring Framework

    We are experienced in designing practical, straightforward Coaching Frameworks and Coaching & Mentoring Frameworks for SMEs, large and international organisations in different markets. These are now being used successfully to provide consistency and sustainable best practice across functional and geographic boundaries.

    Why might you need a coaching or coaching and mentoring framework?

    As organisations become more sophisticated in their sourcing and application of coaching, informal ad hoc methods become inadequate. It's amazing how many large organisations still manage their coaching and/or mentoring through an intricate yet arbitrary network of coaches and mentors brought in over the years by various individuals - with no overarching strategy or coherence.

    How we work with you to design and create your coaching framework

    The key steps we undertake are outlined below. We work closely with you at each step of the way to ensure congruence with your culture, values and practical requirements.

    • understand the current situation, how you manage your coaching/mentoring provision and what you aspire to in this respect
    • design a framework structure tailored to reflect your organisation's specific requirements
    • populate the framework with your criteria, values, processes and forms, ensuring minimal bureaucracy while also building in checks and balances for best practice
    • include practical templates to be used going forwards to ensure consistency and coherence
    • ensure the finished framework is complete, practical, useable and sustainably fit for your purposes
    • offer on-going support/updating as you require

    We'd be pleased to have a chat about how your organisation may benefit from a coherent framework

    Please contact us for an informal chat to discuss your needs

    Call Ruth or Kaaren on +44 (0) 1483 321 640 or email contact(at)coachingoncall.co.uk