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    Virtual coaching - effective and efficient

    More and more organisations are realising the value of developing flexibility in how coaching is delivered. Coaching on Call pioneered the concept of on-demand telephone coaching in 2007 and have since developed a reputation for offering coaching that is both effective in delivering performance results and also efficient in respecting your people's time and your organisation's budget.


    As well as the more traditional face to face methods of coaching, we are experienced in delivering virtual coaching in the following contexts:

    • Board and senior level executive coaching
    • Leadership development coaching
    • Management development coaching
    • Performance related coaching
    • Transitional coaching
    • Graduate and high-potential fast track coaching
    • Coaching for senior women in organisations

    On-demand coaching - telephone or Skype

    On-demand Coaching are the global pioneers of on-demand telephone coaching, supported by our dedicated technology.


    Simply put, we offer straightforward tactical coaching that helps managers do their job better. So it is useful in any situation where management performance is a priority for your business, such as:

    • Raising confidence / performance during a period of transition or change
    • Growing a coaching culture / supporting and developing internal coaches
    • Need to shift away from operational reactivity under pressure
    • Disappointing level of discretionary contribution from managers
    • Redundancy situations – during and after
    • Need for international business consistency and sustainability
    • Large volume or geographically diverse population – equal access
    • Embedding learning or training – translating theory into action

    To find out more, please contact us on +44 (0) 1483 321 640

    or email us at contact(at)coachingoncall.co.uk

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