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From Turkish to Tagalog

Coaching across Boundaries

· virtual coaching,global coaching

In this time of globalisation, it’s increasingly important that organisations are able to ensure coherence and consistency across geographic and cultural boundaries. This is particularly the case where investment is being made in the development of leaders, senior managers and key communicators throughout an organisation.

It’s already recognised that coaching substantially enhances the process of “making learning stick”. Targeted coaching is also highly effective in supporting individuals to build the confidence and competence to engage in the new ways of thinking and behaving that such development programmes offer.

But how can you engage this methodology to optimal advantage when your people are based across the globe, with profound cultural and linguistic diversity?

Coaching on Call International has responded to this challenge over the years by building a trusted team of ICF accredited coaches across the world who fulfil our stringent professional criteria as well as providing the ability to deliver coaching in 33 different local languages.

This means they can work at a level that combines consistent professional values and practice as well as engaging with the cultural nuances that make all the difference in creating meaningful insight and behavioural change.

Coaching in Romanian or Russian, Arabic or Africaans, Polish or Portugese? Yes, we have a tried and trusted choice of coaches who can coach your people in their own languages, wherever they are.